Our full-service asset management program will cover all aspects of investment management and administration of our commercial properties, including:

  • Facility Services, Inspection Services

  • Tenant Service, Lease Services

  • Asset Management Services

  • Financial Reporting

All our investment properties provide robust cashflow which reduces our investments to lowest risk level

Forced Appreciation and Value Add are our core business to increase the value faster than other investment

Our investment cycle could be a short term investment within 2-4 years holding period for our investors and partners

You can invest according to your needs

Multi-family apartments are the least risky type of commercial real estate investment. The vacancy rate of multi-family apartments in Greater Vancouver Area over the past 30 years has been below 2%. Property with cash flow provides excellent ability to weather the economic storm

We manage all the properties we acquire, deal with financing, renovation, tenant handling, maintenance, and working with the municipal government. Joint venture partners and shareholders can concentrate on their own job without having to worry about of the management of the property

We invest in the Greater Vancouver area and Fraser Valley area. The property can be reached within a short period of time. All the properties owned by our partners and shareholders are under the company's control, providing us with high controllability