CWI Columbia properties

Don't Wait To Invest, Invest And Wait


To provide access to exclusive investment opportunities in real estate for our private investors. To increase investment returns from enhanced income, asset appreciation and future re-development opportunities.

Our Core Values

Honesty, Integrity and Accountability are our foundation. These core values have allowed us to foster strong and enduring relationships with our clients, staff and contractors. This strength is reflected by our 19 year's experiences within the industry.

Our Core Strategies

Forced Appreciation

Most of the current multi-family commercial buildings are properties over several decades, and the purchase cost is lower than the construction cost. By renovating the property and increasing the income, the value of the property is substantially forced to appreciated

Compound Growth

Optimizing capital growth, giving the property's appreciation and forced appreciation, using capital for compound growth, allowing the original capital to roll forward


Each of our properties is our very owned and freehold asset. These properties can continue to operate for decades, resist various economic and industrial turmoils, and become one of the best choices for inheritances.

Community Growth

We participate in and help our community grow together. A good community guarantees and enhances the value of real estate properties